Project Intercept Information



Project Intercept is a prevention and intervention program conducted in collaboration with the Erie County Office of Children & Youth.  By counseling and providing support services to individual youngsters and their families, the Intercept Program assists those who are experiencing severe difficulties at home, in school, and in the community to develop behaviors, attitudes, and values that will enable them to function successfully.



The objectives of Project Intercept are to prevent placement of youngsters, 8-18, outside the home, prevent involvement with the juvenile court system, respond to survival needs (food, shelter, clothing, etc.) of youth and families when the need arises, provide family intervention counseling services to enhance family function, provide tutoring and homework assistance to youth who are experiencing educational difficulties, work with schools and other community agencies to assure that the youngsters and their families receive proper services, provide life skills support, and involve youth in programs as the Boys & Girls Club.



Prevention of placement outside the home, reduction in the number of police contacts, reduction in the number of youth dropping out of school, improved family dynamics and function, integration of youth in productive youth-development activities, improvement of basic educational skills, and enhanced life skills.



Clients are referred by the Erie County Office of Children & Youth, the Erie County Juvenile Probation Office, the Circle Program, the Boys & Girls Club, and other public and private agencies.  Project Intercept staff then conduct a preliminary phone interview to determine the service needs of the client.  If the staff thinks the client would be appropriate for the Intercept Program, an extensive intake interview is conducted in the home, and if a slot is available, they are brought into the Intercept program.  Clients and their families are then assigned an Intercept counselor who works with the client and family to develop a Family Service Plan, then works with family on a daily basis to achieve the objectives of the plan.  Project Intercept counselors also initiate and facilitate the use of other existing services in the community.  Every youth in the program is mainstreamed into the core program at the Boys & Girls Club.



By Mail:

Boys & Girls Club of Erie

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Phone: 814-459-1977

Joe Grucza, Supervisor ext. 235

Joe Grogan, Counselor ext. 228


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